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Most effective for Diabetes

A German clinical study, which parallels our clinical experience with diabetes patients: People living diabetes Type 2 love Nordic Pole Walking because of the moderate intensity, yet maximum health benefits. All Diabetes Associations around the world recommend a moderate cardio and resistance training exercise to decrease blood sugar effectively. With Nordic Pole Walking, you have both moderate cardio and resistance training in ONE convenient activity. Many Pole Walkers (not all) with Type 2 diabetes need no medication or less medication on the day they pole walk for about 45-60 minutes. After three months of Nordic Pole Walking, many of them stopped taking medication or reduced to much lower doses. We also found that many patients did not need diabetes medication on the day they Nordic pole-walked. And, for those on oral medication were able to take less. Some clients were able to eliminate their use of medication as long they kept Pole Walking 3 times a week or more, for at least 45-60 minutes.

Cardiovascular and Resistance Training in one Exercise

(American Academy of Sports Medicine)

Nordic Pole Walking with Patients suffering Diabetes Type 2

Nischwitz Medical University Munich, 2006; Clinic Bad Wiessee, 2006 Study: Influence of NPW on Diabetes Medication

  • 1 Year 19 Diabetics
  • 90 Min. NPW per week

Results: After 3 months:

  • average weight loss: -1.5kg
  • HbA1c: – .15%
  • Reduction of medication!!!
  • 4. 3 patients needed no medication at the day of Nordic Pole Walking

Physical Activity and Type2-Diabetes

Siegmund,T., Clinicum Munich, Clinicum Bogenhausen, 2009:

  • Research of world wide literature and clinical studies in Munich:

Effect on Risk-Profile and Well-Being is unbeatableĀ

  • no medication intervention reduces diabetes type-2 and connected diseases by far as good as physical exercise like Nordic Pole Walking.

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