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Load Reduction on Lower Back, Hips and Knees

  • Edward R. Laskowski, M.D, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA, Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist
  • Walking poles take some of the load offyour lower back, hips and knees, which can be helpful if you have arthritis or back problems.
  • The arm movement also fosters balance and stability

Posture Enhancement

Mechanics of Pole Walking in Subjects with Chronic Knee Problem

Young-Hoo Kwon, Lori R. Bolt, and Jackun Shi, Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana, USA (2008)

  • Knee joint range of motion decreased significantly (12.2°) during the swing phase due to the use of the poles, mainly caused by the decrease in the maximum knee flexion angle during the swing phase (10.9º).
  • The maximum hip hyperextension angle was also significantly different between the conditions.
  • Ground reaction force variables only the peak vertical propulsive force was found to show a significant difference between the two walking conditions.
  • The peak vertical propulsive force decreased by 11.4% (2.46 - 0.17 BW in running to 2.18 - 0.23 BW in pole walking) due to the use of the poles.

Segmental Stability

  • Segmental Stability - Control of Motion between surfaces of joints
  • Subjective increased stablity
  • Responsible are the deep, local and close to joints placed muscles
  • The Segm. Stability is connected with the regulation of the muscle-tonus (u.a. Knutson 2000).

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