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Development of Endurance

Because you are using 90% of you body muscles, you can increase your endurance faster with Nordic Pole Walking. Even though you are walking slower than you would with regular walking, you achieve the same result: Maximal aerobic power, increased heart rate and higher caloric expenditure. The perceived rate of exertion does not differ from regular walking.

Study: Ripatti (2002)

  • studied 24 individuals (48 – 8 yrs) did NPW for 6 weeks 2 times weekly for 60 min (65-85 %HRmax). This improved their endurance capacity even walking at lower speed.

Study: Rogers at al. (1995)

  • compared energy expenditure during sub maximal walking with NPW in ten 24 year old, fit women.
  • Mean maximal aerobic power (21 vs. 18 ml/kg/min) and heart rate (133 vs.122 bpm) were significantly greater during the walking with poles compared to walking without poles.
  • Total caloric expenditure in a 30 minute session was significantly greater during pole walking (174 vs. 141 kcal).
  • In contrast, the rating of perceived exertion did not differ between both exercises.

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