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Nordic Walking

Key Steps to the Nordic Pole Walking Technique

  • The Nordic Pole Walking technique basically performs your natural walking attitude supported by two Nordic Walking Poles. There is no artificial movement in the technique. The focus in learning the technique is to perform all movements consciously (in the beginning)and to get all movement well coordinated.
  • After a short time you will have the feeling of a nice and comfortable walking rhythm when all the body is in full swing. A hint for the beginner: Don’t walk too slow you might not use your arm swing with slow motion walking.


Nordixx Poles will help you

  • to reduce the impact on your knee and hip joints by digging in the poles in the middle of your stride under the center of gravity,
  • to propel you forward by pushing the poles far back with your arm swing,
  • to have a nice upright body posture,
  • to develop a longer stride,
  • to get your upper body muscle involved by the relaxed rotation of your shoulders and the upper body .
  • Follow the steps as described: you will feel comfortable within the first few minutes.


How to start your own Nordic Pole Walking health solution.

  1. Learn how to Use the Nordixx Pole Walking Hand loops
  2. Adjust the poles to your body height (see below)
  3. Find an Instructor or Nordixx Pole Walking Goup near you under Group Locator.
  4. Have a look at our 6 steps to learn Nordixx Pole Walking with our DVD Technique
1. The Nordixx Pole Walking Hand loops are your power transfer to the Poles

The NPW Hand loops are your power transfer to the Poles

There is a right and left hand loop. Slip into the hand loops like you are shaking hands with the poles and adjust the Velcro strip so you feel comfortable. Stretch your arms in front. Open and close your hands and you will realize that you automatically grasp the grip when you close your hands. Now you are ready to start. 

2. Adjust your poles to your body height  

Adjust poles to the optimal length to your body height with your adjustable poles. Have your elbow and forearm beside your body on a 90 degree angle, then drop your hands 2 inches down and take the grip of the pole. This is the best lengths for you ( = 65% of your body height) to learn the natural Pole Walking technique. Then, adjust the poles by twisting the upper and lower part of the Nordic Poles in the opposite direction.

Make sure, you have the poles really tight! If you walk on hard surface put the rubber tips on the poles. If you walk on soft surface take the rubber tips off and use the carbide tip.

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