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"Lose Body Fat – Tone your Body – Boost your Energy the Natural Way”

What You'll Learn in the Nordixx 8-Week Lean Body Challenge:

  • How the more muscles are working – the more body fat your burn.
  • The scale does not tell you the real truth! 
  • The natural way to achieve or maintain a body weight which is best for you    
  • How to tune your Body from a 2-Cylinder to a 12-Cylinder! 
  • What is the Complete Fat Burning Process
  • Getting the most of the load on your muscles while you pole walk
  • How to control your body fat loss 
  • A Laid-Out-for-You 8 Week Nordixx Weight-Loss Walking Program 
  • Your optimal Walking Pace: The “Fat Burning Zone” 
  • Sheets for tracking your success
  • Benefiting from Testimonials

This 8-Week Lean Body Challenge Program includes:

  • 1 set of walker poles
  • 1 Pedometer with link to track your daily steps
  • 1 Fanny pack
  • 1 Carrying Bag
  • 1 CD - includes the Program, APP for walking instructions, a spreadsheet to track progress.


Total package value of $129.97

Now a Special Price of $109.97 – for a savings of 15%.

PS. If you already have poles, and want to participate in the challenge, we have a package just for you. Just click here for your challenge special package.

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