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Nordic Pole Walking Instructor’s Course

The one-day seminar enables instructors to demonstrate and teach the NPW Technique and the full body exercise program. It provides education on scientific studies, bio-mechanics, didactic and methodology for group training, programs for corporate wellness, health clubs and fitness centers. The education also includes programs to train patients with different health disorders such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, neck, shoulder & back pain, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, arthritis and more.

Course Outline for Instructors

Course Outline for Instructors

1. Physiology, Anatomy, Bio-mechanics

  • Medical Health Benefits. Scientific Studies.
  • Bio-mechanics of Nordic Pole Walking.
  • Analyzing walking technique and corrections.

2. Practice of Nordic Pole Walking

  • Planning and conducting Nordic Pole Walking group training.
  • Methodical steps to learn the NPW technique.
  • Didactic and Motivation.
  • Analyzing walking techniques and corrections.
  • Practice on methodical corrections.
  • Variations of workout intensity / physiological effects.
  • Full body exercise program.
  • Practice teaching exam.

3. Evaluation of Nordic Pole Walking practice

4. Instructor’s Business

  • Key arguments & benefits of Nordic Pole Walking
  • Business with Nordic Pole Walking Canada
  • Local cooperation with walking groups, medical organizations.
  • Product/Equipment Knowledge:

5. Multiple Choice Exam

  • For Instructors who are organized with Can Fit Pro you receive 4.0 CEC.  At this time, NPW Canada has applied for CEC with all leading Canadian Instructor Organizations.

Seminar Fee: Nordic Pole Walking Instructor’s Course Fee: $195.00+ Poles + applicable taxes (includes NPW Course & Course Package)

The Nordixx Pole Walking Course Package includes: Power Point Presentation, Practical Instruction, NPW Manual on CD, NPW Handouts, plus a set of Nordixx Poles, the NPW Instructors Test and NPW Diploma upon completion.

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