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Oxygen Uptake, Caloric Expenditure, Heart Rate, Rate of Perceived Exertion

A 1997 study showed the increased training effects of Nordic Pole Walking when compared to exercising using a Stationary Bicycle or Regular Walking and you can achieve this increased training effect without experiencing any more exhaustion than regular walking: Here are some additional findings:

  • 23% more oxygen uptake,
  • 22% higher caloric expenditure,
  • 16% higher heart rate response.

Subsequent studies showed similar results.

  • Porcari (1997) studies on 32 healthy men and women walking with poles resulted in an average of 23% higher oxygen uptake,
  • 22% higher caloric expenditure and
  • 16% higher heart rate responses compared to walking without poles on a treadmill.
  • RPE values averaged 1,5 units higher with the use of poles and the pattern of responses was similar for men and women.

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