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Performing the correct NPW-technique keeps up to 26 percent body load you’re your knees, hip joints and lower back. Therefore, NPW is the best activity for people who suffer from all kinds of knee problems. Mayo Clinic (2008), Wilson (2001), Young-Hoo Kwon (2008)

Less Impact on Joints

  • Willson et al. (2001): Purpose of the study was to determine whether walking with poles reduces loading to the lower extremity during level over ground walking.
  • Three-dimensional gait analysis was conducted on 13 healthy adults who completed 10 walking trials using three different poling conditions.
  • Results did show that there were differences in kinetic variables between walking with and without poles.
  • The use of walking poles enabled subjects to walk at a faster speed with reduced vertical ground reaction forces, vertical knee joint reaction forces, and reduction in the knee extensor angular impulse and support moment, depending on the poling condition used.

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