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Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck's Story

Everybody, at any age or fitness level can Nordic Pole Walk for fitness and fun.

In 2008 he was invited to Canada to teach Nordic Pole Walking at the Sunnybrook Health Science Centre - and the rest is history.

Originally from Berlin, Germany where he spent the past twenty years launching nation-wide health and wellness programs.

During this time, He searched for a physical activity that everybody could perform; especially people who were not used to doing exercise, or didn't like running, joining a gym, cycling, or swimming ... to name a few.

It was during this time that Nordic Pole Walking began in Europe.

This form of exercise intrigued him, and so for the 15 years his wife, Dr. Sabine Schwanbeck (MD) and Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck, incorporated Nordic Pole Walking as a physical activity for our patients in our medical office in Berlin, Germany. Nordic Pole Walking was an adaptable activity that supported many different therapy programs - some of which were normally based on medication.

Their patients immediately experienced improvements. They felt physically strong, their endurance improved and their back and neck pain diminished. Others showed positive results with their blood pressure readings and our Diabetic 2 patients showed decreases in their blood sugar levels. These positive results could allow us to reduce medications drastically.

When he came to Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto he came with many years of experience in successful health promotions. His scientific background in Sports Medicine along with long years of training experience as a national coach for Germany’s Track & Field team, allowed him to understand the true benefits of this form of exercise. This background, along with all of the clinical studies supporting Nordic Pole Walking, allowed him to initiate an Employee Wellness Program at Sunnybrook Hospital. The news of his Nordic Pole Walking Wellness Program spread and continues to expand to many medical and Health Facilities throughout Toronto, Ontario and throughout Canada.

The Canadian Diabetes Association, numerous walking clubs, health and wellness centres, along with the general public have recognized the great health benefits of this popular outdoor sport in Europe. Today in Europe, there are more than 10 million Nordic Pole Walkers, and was so pleased to see this sport start to grow in popularity in Canada.

With Canadian friends and a team of health and business professionals who recognize the potential of Nordic Pole Walking in North America, we established Nordixx . We are all committed to improve health and fitness for the broadest segment of North America's population.

Nordixx develops holistic health programs, certifies Nordic Pole Walking Instructors, and provides high quality Nordixx-poles and accessories at affordable prices.


Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck, the founder of Nordixx , passed away on 12/4/2013. Klaus will be greatly missed. He was a dedicated teacher and philanthropist who was on a mission to help North America get fitter. He loved spreading the word about the importance of better fitness. He will be remembered as a man who could motivate and help people achieve a healthier life style. Since coming to Canada from Germany, he has trained thousands of men and women to use Nordic Pole Walking as a way to a healthier and happier life.


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